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The Achievement Leaderboard has created a badge for this user called Username's Back Edits and is in the blogspot track, and can be awarded to you by registering and make 3 edits to blogspots It is a bronze medal, meaning it is worth 10 points.
Is blocked for vandalism and profane language.
Stop x nuvola You have been hearby BANNED from editing The AngryBirdsLover Wikia as the reason given was using bad words and vandalizing pages.. The policy of the AngryBirdsLover Wikia is that "any edits made in defiance of a ban may be reverted to enforce the ban, regardless of dealing with the lifetime consequence and sticking with it. As you're not authorized to make those edits, there is no need to discuss them prior to reversion. You are BANNED and not allowed to edit EVER and you will NEVER be. While banned, you will think about what you did and then not doing what you did.You are NOT BANNED if you are blocked for 3 days, you ARE BANNED if you are blocked forever. And it's not a game"
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