This is just like the Disruptive Editing chart on the Supernanny Fanon.

Admin mistakes Edit

0: Totally Unacceptable or Beyond Edit

2016 Edit

Username: He kept vandalizing my pages and used severe profanity.

174 IP: He vandalized the Stephanie and Linda pages and also added Ruby In Paradise references in pages

1: Truly Crazy Edit

2: Somewhat Abysmal Edit

3: Kinda Shameful Edit

4: Useless Edit

DarkAngel: She failed to listen to me and continued to add Ruby in Paradise references in the Linda page.

WooManEater: They vandalized the Stephanie page.

DarkAngel: She did it again and added a Ruby in Paradise reference in the Linda page where Ruby left GoCity which is untrue; Ruby does not live in GoAnimate at all.

5: Eh, not very bad Edit

6: Very Fine Edit

7: I Disagree Edit

8: Anything But Edit

9: Far from Disruptive Edits Edit

10: Strong Disagreement OR Beyond Edit

Have yet to be arranged Edit

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